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The Verge Playlist: riot grrrl

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Bikini Kill
Bikini Kill

As a partner to our piece on the 20th anniversary of Bikini Kill's first record (and their new record label), we decided to make another playlist. Riot grrrl was not a label that all of these bands officially associated themselves with, but together, these 12 songs cover a wide range of the material produced over the course of about 10 years. It's not terribly surprising that almost no Bikini Kill is currently available on Rdio or Spotify (it was until recently, however), and the more obscure bands have never made it to iTunes, let alone streaming services. We hope you enjoy it, and await the day when the Third Sex makes it to the internet.

1. "Rebel Girl," Bikini Kill
2. "Bruise Violet," Babes in Toyland
3. 'G.f.s.," Slant 6
4. "Juswanna," Bratmobile
5. "Fuck Yr. Frumpies," Frumpies
6. "Baby's Day Out," Bangs
7. "I'd Rather Eat Glass," Excuse 17
8. "Complicated," Heavens to Betsy
9. "Sink," 7 Year Bitch
10. "Hot Rock," Sleater-Kinney
11. "That's Mr. Baby To You," Kaia
12. "It's Not You," L7

Photo courtesy of the Bikini Kill Archive.