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Fans occupy 'Conan' in crowdsourced episode of late-night talk show

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Occupy Conan
Occupy Conan

Last night's episode of Conan was a monumental moment for late night television. In an experiment dubbed "Occupy Conan," the host stepped aside and gave his loyal fans control of the show. Working with a provided script, members of Team Coco — the nickname bestowed upon Conan O'Brien's avid fan base — were tasked with recreating the episode using anything at their disposal. Hundreds of videos were submitted, according to O'Brien, as fans (and more than a few celebrities) took on the role of talk show host for a day. We'll leave it to you to decide whether Occupy Conan was ultimately a success, flop, or something in between. If nothing else, it's not every day you see an interview with Anne Hathaway reenacted by dogs. US residents can catch the entire episode at the link below, and if one episode isn't enough, each and every fan entry is available for your viewing pleasure.