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HTC M7 briefly revealed on stage by excited CEO Peter Chou at company's year end party

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htc peter chou m7
htc peter chou m7

We didn't expect to see HTC's rumored flagship phone, the M7, until the company's press event on February 19th, but it looks like company CEO Peter Chou just couldn't wait any longer. After chants of "HTC! HTC! M7! M7!" at the firm's year end party today in Taipei, the CEO took the rumored 4.7-inch Android device out on stage to test its camera. There aren't any up-close photos of the device (above is about as good as it gets), but Chinese site cnYES reports that both a silver and black version of the phone were revealed on stage. As translated by Engadget, Chou says in a clip from NextTV that "this event today is a great opportunity for testing [the camera]. I was still testing it just now." It's hard to draw any conclusions from the low-quality images of the phone, but we should have more information in a couple of weeks.