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Watch this: Alabama destroys Notre Dame at Mission Control in this 'Apollo 13' mashup

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Apollo 13 Notre Dame Alabama Mash-up SBNation
Apollo 13 Notre Dame Alabama Mash-up SBNation

Notre Dame's football team is no stranger to the occasional film cameo — a game with one of its rivals, the University of Southern California, is featured in Die Hard — but its loss to Alabama in this year's BCS National Championship Game was not the stuff of cinematic legend. Our colleagues at SBNation, however, added a little extra tension to the otherwise one-sided affair by mashing up footage from the game with the 1995 film Apollo 13.

By inserting game footage into the screens at Mission Control, the clip grafts the high stakes, intense drama, and gratifying emotional payoff of Ron Howard's crowd-pleaser onto the BCS game itself — though unfortunately for Notre Dame fans, the ending still remains the same.