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Ski shop in France expertly trolls Google Maps in its 'Business Photos'

Ski shop in France expertly trolls Google Maps in its 'Business Photos'

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Earlier today a story circulated on the internet: two crazy kids were spotted doing something sexy in the dressing room of a skateboard and ski shop in France on Google Maps Business Photos. The feature allows businesses to work with "Google Trusted Photographers and Trusted Agencies" to create an inside view of buildings on Google Maps. The store, Krakatoa, in southeastern France, has made what we can only term the best possible use of the service.

Being curious by nature, we took a look around the rest of the store which seemed at first to be curiously empty: no other customers, no employees. Upon further inspection, however, there are in fact plenty of people visible both inside and outside of the store, in curious situations indeed. A few favorites include the two girls balancing on a shopping cart and the terrifying man in a ski mask. It appears that the photos were taken in November of 2012. Take a look around yourself and let us know what else you find in what is probably the coolest store in France. Nice one, guys.