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New Surface Pro ad debuts with beatboxing and breakdancing to launch Microsoft's latest tablet

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Surface Pro launch Las Vegas
Surface Pro launch Las Vegas

Almost four months after Microsoft unveiled its first Surface TV ad, the software giant is back again with a second Surface Pro commercial. Airing during tonight's Grammy awards, the ad features beatboxers, breakdancing, and a focus on the pen input for Microsoft's latest tablet. At a special event in Las Vegas this weekend, Microsoft's Panos Panay premiered the new Jon Chu ad alongside a host of breakdancers and some beatboxing.

In his trademark style of giving away the product to audience members, Panay produced two Surface Pro tablets for onlookers before unveiling the new TV ad. Initial reports have suggested that Microsoft has sold out of the 128GB Surface Pro model, but it's unclear how many devices were available online or at retail store across the US this weekend. Some Reddit users voiced their disappointment at retail stores receiving no stock at all, suggesting that inventory could be low.

Microsoft appears to be aware of the launch issues, noting that it's working with retailers "to replenish supplies as quickly as possible." The company isn't providing exact sales numbers, much like its Surface RT launch, but it has previously indicated it will reveal numbers once Surface is more broadly distributed. A lack of retail presence and supply issues appeared to affect the original Surface RT launch over the holidays, so it's clear Microsoft still has some work to do to ensure it can improve supply.

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