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Tim Cook never wanted to sue Samsung, reports Reuters

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tim cook
tim cook

As the prolonged legal battle between Apple and Samsung drags on, Reuters is reporting that Tim Cook never wanted it to be this way. According to an in-depth look at the rivalry between two tech giants, Apple's CEO was initially opposed to suing Samsung. His hesitation, says Reuters, stemmed from Samsung's longtime role as a component supplier for Apple. But the late Steve Jobs, whose "thermonuclear war" stance on Android has by now been well documented, was unflinching. As we've seen firsthand in courtroom evidence, Apple's executive team had repeatedly warned Samsung that its designs ran too closely to those of the iPhone and iPad. When it became clear Samsung had no intentions of bowing to Apple's demands, Cupertino (with Cook at the helm) ultimately opted to file suit.

In the years since, Cook has seen the lawsuits through, despite insisting his preference is to settle amicably wherever possible. "I've always hated litigation, and I continue to hate it," he said last year. Yet Cook has also consistently emphasized that Apple's competitors need to "invent their own stuff." Clearly a desire to see that happen ultimately outweighed his concerns over the existing relationship between Apple and Samsung — which continues today and remains fruitful for both sides.