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Google lets you pick the problem in improved 'Solve for X' think tank site

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Asteroid credit NASA JPL
Asteroid credit NASA JPL

In the wake of Google's 2013 Solve for X event — which encourages people to submit radical proposals to huge problems like world hunger, for example — Google is adding new features to the TED-like think tank's site in an effort to encourage collaboration and innovation. The 2013 event received 18 "moonshot" proposals for problems like asteroid mining, renewable energy storage, early Alzheimer's diagnosis, and others that can be viewed on the Solve for X site. Google is adding a new forum and a community section to Solve for X where users can join, create a profile, and declare a problem that they're passionate about solving. Users can also submit their own video proposals and watch, share, and rate other submissions.

Google has partnered with other think tanks like X Prize, GE Focus Forward, TED, MIT Technology Review, Singularity University, and ASU's Center for Science and Imagination to cross-post talks and other programs that involve solving large problems with developing technologies. The idea behind the proposals is to "aim to make something 10x better, not just 10 percent," so if you're going to dream, dream big.