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Kickstarter couldn't save 'Wildman' and its studio, Gas Powered Games

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Two weeks ago, game developer Gas Powered Games said it was "betting the company" on its Wildman Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, it looks like the bet didn't pay off: Gas Powered Games has canceled its Kickstarter campaign just two days before funding was due to close. The campaign managed to raise $504,120 of its $1.1 million goal, but rather than make a last-ditch effort to publicize it, the developer has decided to "focus [its] attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running" instead. It also took the opportunity to thank its backers, saying it's "profoundly grateful" to those that pledged through Kickstarter. As for the fate of Wildman, Gas Powered Games hasn't shared specifics just yet, but says it'll make future announcements through its site.