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Turn your webcam video into a 3D wireframe with WebCamMesh

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webcammesh (flickr)
webcammesh (flickr)

WebCamMesh is an HTML5-based browser app that does some mind- and space-bending things to your webcam. Developed by Los Angeles-based Felix Turner, the demo maps webcam video onto a WebGL 3D Mesh, creating a "fake" 3D depth field that you can undulate and modify with onscreen controls.

Once you grant the app access to your webcam, you can shift the 3D field by scrolling with your mouse, or adjust parameters such as saturation, contrast, and Z-axis depth from directly within the browser. The app uses Perlin noise visual effects to create a ripple simulation, though Turner says that the 3D effects work best within a dark room, where foregrounded images are significantly brighter than the background.

WebCamMesh went live as a demo last year, and currently supports both Chrome and Opera. You can try it for yourself here.