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Watch 'The Kidnappers Foil,' the movie one man remade hundreds of times

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the kidnappers foil map
the kidnappers foil map

From the 1930s to the early seventies, Texan filmmaker Melton Barker spent his life shooting the same movie over and over again. As The New York Times reports, Barker would travel to a town, charge children to star in his two-reel movie, The Kidnappers Foil, and move on, leaving the reels behind. It's estimated that Barker left hundreds of unique movies in his wake over the years, and recently it's been added to National Film Registry in the Library of Congress. The Texas Archive of The Moving Image has a handful of the movies available for viewing online, and is continuing to search for more. The map pictured above shows all the locations that Barker is known to have filmed in — an impressive feat in itself.