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Mythbuster Adam Savage on deadlines and the challenges of building an 'Alien' head

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Adam Savage
Adam Savage

Adam Savage is a fan of deadlines and working under time constraints. Over at Wired, he's shared his thoughts on how a clear deadline helps him be more efficient when it comes to problem solving — advice that could apply to all of us. In Savage's case, he uses a quirky, personal pet project (building the head for an Alien costume) to illustrate his point. "We’re conditioned to believe that the deadline is working against us. But I’m not so sure," he writes. "Any cursory perusal of a fan / maker forum on the web reveals two distinct kinds of projects: the long, meandering, inconsistently updated but impressively detailed effort and the hell-bent-for-leather, tearing-toward-a-deadline build." Unfortunately it seems Savage still has plenty of work to do when it comes to completing his sophisticated animatronic head. But for his full take on the value of a deadline, head over to Wired.