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Tim Cook says Apple has explored major acquisitions, remains open to possibility

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tim cook
tim cook

At today's Goldman Sachs conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that his company has routinely looked into large-scale acquisitions, but has decided against the idea to this point. "We have looked at large companies. In each case that we've done that thus far, it didn't pass our tests," he told the audience. Apple has looked into acquiring more than one major company, Cook said, though he stopped short of naming names. "We're disciplined and thoughtful, and we don't feel a pressure to go out and acquire revenue. We want to make great products," Cook said. "If a large company could help us do that even better, then that would be of interest."

With the vast amount of cash in his company's possession, it's hard to imagine any single business that Apple couldn't buy if it were determined to pull off a transaction. Cook made clear that he hasn't dismissed the possibility, revealing that Apple is constantly scanning the market for worthwhile investments. When it comes to smaller purchases, Cook says Apple has averaged one acquisition every other month over the last three years.