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Microsoft promises Surface Pro tablets will be back in stores later this week

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Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (875px)
Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (875px)

When Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet went on sale earlier in February, prospective buyers quickly ran into problems finding it: retail stores like Best Buy were reported to have very limited stock, and the 128GB model quickly sold out online. Now, Surface team head Panos Panay has promised the shortages will be resolved soon, hopefully this week. Panay recently responded to questions on a scheduled Twitter chat:

Panay didn't go into sales details, but he said that "there continues to be great demand. We’re working hard to restock so we can reach as many customers as soon as possible." While major new products temporarily selling out isn't unusual (we regularly see the same from Apple and Google), Microsoft does seem to have significantly underestimated interest here, and it's trying to reassure enthusiasts that they won't be waiting long.

Update: In a blog post, Microsoft has re-affirmed the information given by Panay and stated that customers in Canada should expect a "similar timeline" for stock replenishment — though it may take a few days longer.