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Sheriff's department asks media to stop tweeting as Christopher Dorner manhunt reaches bloody climax (update)

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CBS Los Angeles dorner manhunt
CBS Los Angeles dorner manhunt

As the manhunt for fugitive ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner nears a potential conclusion in Big Bear Lake, California, the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department has asked media in the area to immediately stop tweeting. The department claims that tweets are endangering officers on the scene, and while no explanation was given for how tweets could be impacting the standoff, it's possible that Dorner is following events on Twitter. The department has also asked local media with helicopters not to zoom in too close with cameras on the cabin Dorner is suspected to be hiding in, suggesting that it's trying to minimize live coverage of the events.

The hunt for Christopher Dorner, a veteran of the US Navy and Los Angeles Police Department, resulted in dramatic violence today; as The Los Angeles Times reports, Dorner was allegedly caught in a gun battle this afternoon that killed one sheriff's deputy and wounded another. The shootout reportedly occurred after Dorner allegedly broke into a home, restrained a couple and held them hostage, and then stole their pickup truck. After crashing the vehicle during a shootout with Fish and Wildlife officers, Dorner is thought to have retreated into a nearby cabin. Law enforcement is currently evacuating the Big Bear area, and has surrounded the cabin that Dorner is suspected to be hiding in.

Update: It appears the story has come to a close. The New York Times reports that at least one police officer was killed in an exchange of gunfire at the cabin, and a fire later broke out at the location. There were reports of a single gunshot coming from within the cabin, and now a body has been found in the remains of the burned-out structure.

Update 2: There now appear to be conflicting reports. Both CNN and the Los Angeles Times are reporting that sources have said a body was indeed found at the scene, with CNN saying it is thought to to be Dorner. However, an LAPD spokesperson reportedly just stated that despite the media reports, no body has yet been located. We'll keep you updated with further developments.