It all happened so quickly.

Just a few months ago I was another one of those “I don’t watch much TV” guys. I’d hit the awards show circuit for sure, maybe do a Netflix or three on a rainy day, passively consume an hour of CNN at the airport Chili’s Too, whatever. The last time I followed a serial show was in 2002 with Six Feet Under but that was because we got a free year of TV with our internet and when it expired so did my relationship with the show. Before that Ren & Stimpy which essentially made me the person I am today.

Twenty years later I find myself being shaped once again by the programming I consume but this time I have the ego to observe myself falling into profoundly unhealthy k-hole. Like a lot of other people I’ve already watched all thirteen episodes of House of Cards. The Netflix-exclusive political thriller starring Kevin Spacey and directed by David Fincher debuted two weeks ago, all thirteen chapters of the exquisitely-produced first season landing in the laptops, Nintendo DS’s, and living rooms of subscribers at the same time.