Nestled in Shreveport, Louisiana, more than 300 miles northwest of New Orleans, is the home of Moonbot Studios. The company has made a name for itself building award-winning creative projects, including The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, which was named best animated short film at the 84th Academy Awards. That same story was also expanded with both a children's book and an iPad app, and working on the Morris Lessmore project eventually led to Moonbot's involvement in Diggs Nightcrawler, an upcoming game for Sony's augmented reality Wonderbook for the PlayStation 3.

That first taste of game development created a desire in the team to do something else, something bigger — something like The Golem. The recently launched Kickstarter project is a retelling of the classic folklore tale, in which players take on the role of the Golem as they attempt to protect the city of Prague. It's a big project that's very different from what Moonbot is known for, but the studio sees it as more of an extension of what they've done in the past. "Games are fun," says creative partner William Joyce, "and we like to have fun."