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iFixit tears down Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet

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Surface Pro teardown
Surface Pro teardown

Microsoft's Surface Pro launched just a few days ago, but the team over at iFixit have already taken it apart. After removing over 90 screws in total, iFixit rates the Surface Pro 1 out of 10 for repairability. The battery is removable as it's not soldered to the tablet, so that's good news for those brave enough to open the Surface up. However, if you're thinking about upgrading the SSD then think again. iFixit warns that you may risk killing the tablet by removing the SSD, thanks to a number of cables nearby.

There are no huge surprises contained within the Surface Pro. Two fans sit inside the device to help cool the Intel i5 processor along with Microsoft's ventilation system. It looks like any home repairs will have to be put on hold for the Surface Pro, iFixit warns that the display assembly is extremely difficult to remove or replace and a lot of adhesive holds everything in place. The Surface RT fared a little better on the repair score previously, but if you're interested in a Surface Pro then it's probably a good idea to avoid the same drop tests that Microsoft uses and take good care of this PC.