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Amazon adds 'Undercover Boss,' 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' and more CBS shows to Prime streaming roster

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Amazon Instant Video Sony PS3 stock 1024
Amazon Instant Video Sony PS3 stock 1024

Amazon and CBS have announced more additions to their streaming video partnership — more CBS and Showtime shows, including America's Next Top Model, Everybody Loves Raymond, Jericho, The L Word, Undercover Boss and United States of Tara, are now available to stream for free to Amazon Prime subscribers. Additionally, CBS and Amazon confirmed that classics, like the entire run of Star Trek and I Love Lucy, will continue to be available for Prime users. These two companies certainly appear to be on good terms lately — just yesterday, Amazon announced that it will be the exclusive online source for the upcoming CBS show Under the Dome. Under that new arrangement, Amazon Prime customers will get access to new episodes just a few days after they air; it's more like a Hulu-style arrangement than anything Amazon has done before. And Amazon certainly has a vested interest in continuing to add more shows — it now says it has more than 36,000 movie and TV episodes available, a number that has grown significantly over the last year.