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HP is building Android tablets, and maybe a smartphone

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HP Tablet Commercial
HP Tablet Commercial

ReadWrite is reporting, and we can confirm, that Hewlett-Packard is building Android tablets. The company is ramping up efforts to create mobile devices, and is considering an Android smartphone as well — despite the failure of the company's HP TouchPad tablet and webOS smartphones two years ago. Two anonymous sources told ReadWrite that HP will soon announce a tablet featuring Nvidia's new Tegra 4 chip in the near future, which might make it one of the first devices with the Tegra 4, and that it's been in the works since before Thanksgiving of last year. Our source, however, says that while the timeline sounds accurate, the details are still up in the air.

Despite the company's recent turmoil, getting back into the mobile device market isn't exactly a surprise for HP: last September, CEO Meg Whitman said that "we have to ultimately offer a smartphone because in many countries of the world that would be your first computing device." The following month, she did clarify that HP had no plans to introduce that smartphone in 2013, but the company could dip its toes in the water by releasing a tablet this year.