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Apple says a fix is coming for iOS 6.1 Exchange bug

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iOS 6.1.1 update
iOS 6.1.1 update

After an issue with Exchange syncing led Microsoft to suggest IT administrators block iOS 6.1 devices, Apple says it has identified the problem. The company updated its support page to say that the fix will come in an upcoming software update, and until then suggests disabling and re-enabling Exchange calendars to alleviate the problem, which can cause server strain through excessive logging.

It's not the first fix Apple has had to deploy since iOS 6.1 rolled out late last month. Version 6.1.1 was released two days ago as a response to a connectivity issue; European carrier Vodafone had advised iPhone 4S customers not to upgrade just a few days previously. No timeframe was given for the Exchange fix, but here's hoping Apple will be quick to offer the solution this time around.