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RED sues Sony for 'willful and wanton' patent infringement

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Chad Mumm RED Scarlet camera (1020)
Chad Mumm RED Scarlet camera (1020)

RED, the maker of ultra-high definition cameras, has filed a lawsuit against Sony claiming that some of the company's F-series cameras infringe on its patents. The lawsuit calls for a sales injunction, the destruction of existing infringing cameras, and damages to the value of lost profits. It specifically names the F65, F5, and F55 professional cameras as infringing models, saying that Sony's patent infringement has been "willful and wanton."

"RED is informed and believes and thereupon alleges that the sale of Sony’s unauthorized, infringing cameras has resulted in lost sales, reduced the business and profit of RED, and greatly injured the general reputation of RED."

The patents that RED is asserting refer to the compression of video in a "visually lossless manner," but there aren't any details on how Sony may have infringed the patents. Sony has yet to publicly comment on lawsuit.