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Kickstarter's new iPhone app marks the company's first major foray into mobile

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Kickstarter app for iPhone
Kickstarter app for iPhone

If you're enough of a Kickstarter fanatic that you need a better way to browse the site away from your computer, the company's new iOS app should do the trick. The app is organized around finding, following, and managing different projects. The "finding" option includes the requisite filters for browsing by category, popularity, and so forth. There's a location-based option for finding projects near you, and you can of course back projects and watch demo videos in the app. The "following" interface lets you see all updates from any projects you're interested in or backing in a Twitter- or Tumblr-esque feed. You can also link your Facebook account (of course) and get notifications when your friends back projects or launch their own, if they're the entrepreneurial type.

The last option is really only geared towards those who are trying to get something funded on Kickstarter. It notifies creators as pledges come in, provides the requisite stats in a progress dashboard, and also includes an easy way to make updates to a Kickstarter page. It'll let you quickly post videos and photos to the page straight from your phone, as well. If you're a Kickstarter fanatic, the app is live today in the iTunes Store, but note that it's only designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.