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Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet revealed in the background of Samsung announcement?

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The Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet is already considered a pretty sure thing at Mobile World Congress later this month, but Samsung may have just given us an official (if not publicized) look at it. Phandroid spotted something unusual in a press shot of the red Galaxy Note 10.1: a smallish, landscape-oriented device with a stylus. Seen above, it doesn't look like any of Samsung's existing products, and it bears reasonable resemblance to these previous leaked shots of the 8-inch Note.

That's not to say the design is identical. The bezels look thicker than in the leaked shots, which isn't exactly a step forward. The Galaxy Note and Note II offered something genuinely new in the phone market, but Samsung has had tablets in this size for some time, and so far the Note 8.0 looks like an unremarkable competitor to other Android and iOS offerings. Considering how poorly the Note 10.1 performed for us, seeing Samsung at MWC could be a bit of a disappointment.