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'Hyrule Historia' is currently the bestselling book on Amazon, despite its niche appeal

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Hyrule Historia
Hyrule Historia

There's no doubt that fans of The Legend of Zelda were thrilled when Hyrule Historia had its English-language release a few weeks ago, but we didn't think the tome would be quite as popular as it appears to be. As reported by Kill Screen Daily, Hyrule Historia has been the bestselling book on Amazon since it became available on January 29th. While there's no doubt that a lot of Zelda fanatics were eagerly awaiting the English-language release of this book, it's still rather shocking when you consider just how big Amazon is, and how more popular bestsellers usually sit at the top of the list.

The book's appeal is showing up in other lists, as well — The New York Times Book Review lists Hyrule Historia as the number-one hardcover book in its "advice / misc." category. Overall, it's pretty surprising success for a book that appeals to a niche audience, no matter how loyal. That said, there's no doubt that it's a gorgeous and detailed book — and with more than 25 years of Zelda fans out there, its success may not slow down anytime soon.