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Sony PlayStation 4 controller prototype reportedly leaked in new photo

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PlayStation 4 controller prototype leak (Destructoid)
PlayStation 4 controller prototype leak (Destructoid)

Sony already announced that we'd "see the future" of the PlayStation at its event next week, and now a photo has emerged that may be our first look at a prototype controller for its new console. Destructoid has the image, which shows a DualShock-style controller with what appears to be a touchpad on top, and a blue light on its back. The addition of a touchpad lines up with previous reports about the PlayStation 4 controller, while the blue light bears a strong resemblance to that found on Sony's PlayStation Move motion controllers. As Polygon points out, Sony was granted a patent for a Move-equipped controller back in 2012.

Kotaku is also reporting that one of its sources have confirmed the image is real — but cautions that since this is a prototype, the final form factor of the controller could be different. Either way, we have a sneaking suspicion we'll see the new PlayStation controller in all its glory on February 20th.