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Reddit now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option

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The open-source currency Bitcoin may slowly be going mainstream, but that isn't stopping Reddit from adopting it as a new payment source for Reddit Gold (which gets you additional features when using the site). The site just announced Bitcoin as a new payment option, which will live alongside existing options Google Wallet and PayPal. Reddit also announced that it's simultaneously going to start accepting standard credit card payments for Reddit Gold, a bit of a more traditional payment option.

These options were added thanks to the request of users — and Reddit does seem like the kind of community that would get behind Bitcoin. While credit card payments are only available in Canada and the United States at the moment (Reddit says they should be available worldwide by next week), Bitcoin is accepted regardless of where users are located. While Bitcoin is far from an ubiquitous payment option, it's slowly starting to make its way across the internet — its exposure to the huge Reddit community could likely give it another boost in awareness.