DashClock List of Current Extensions. [Update 6 | 2/23]


Hey Folks,

DashClock is the only app that made me drop the cLock widget in CM10.1. The idea of A extensions API is brilliant and more developers should take note. So right Now the extensions we have are....

Falcon Pro

NoNonsense Dash Clock Task

DashClock Battery Extension

Battery Extension (DashClock)

DashClock Forex Extension

AppLauncher for Dashclock

Dear Reader Lite/Paid

Redline Performance Monitor

Press (Google Reader) Added 2/15

DashClock Twitter Widget Added 2/15

DashClock - Quick Note Added 2/15

Stock Ticker Extension Added 2/15

DashClock Custom Extension Added 2/15

DashClock Islamic Reminders Added 2/15

Planet 2 Side Status Widget Added 2/15

Plume for DashClock Added 2/16

Audio ReSilencer Added 2/16

New York City Metro Added 2/16

DashClock WhatsApp Extension (3rd Party) Added 2/16

DashClock Dial Extension Added 2/17

DashClock Weather ( Added 2/17

DashClock ISS Pass Prediction Added 2/17

K-9 unread count for DashClock Added 2/17

Facebook Info for DashClock added 2/18

Cloud SMS Updated 2/17 with Extension

Changelog Droid Updated 2/18 with Extension

DashClock Contact Extension

DashClock Facebook Extension

COL Reminder


DashClock GTalk Extension

DashClock Sunrise Extension

DashClock Lunar Extension

DashClock Google Voice Extension

DashClock Fortune Extension

DashClock Gerrit Extension

Sonos Widget Pro

Podcast Addict

Tweetings for Twitter

COL Reminder

Where's My Money

Changelog Droid


TV Show Favs

Notable: Quick Reminder