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Sega returns with classic console-themed laptops

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sega laptops
sega laptops

It's not quite the Dreamcast 2, but for hardware-starved Sega fans it'll have to do: the former console manufacturer is putting its name to a limited edition range of laptops in Japan. Each Sega Note PC is decked out in Sega regalia: the Mega Drive (Genesis in the US), Saturn, and Dreamcast all get their own versions, while a fourth comes in a nostalgic shade of blue. You can also buy the lid shells separately, allowing you to switch between "consoles" at will. Each PC will come pre-loaded with full Windows themes including wallpapers, icons, and music from various Sega releases.

A representative of Sega says that the idea to develop laptops themed on Sega hardware has been in gestation since 2011, and there was much deliberation over which consoles would be the most popular among fans of the company today.


Sega is partnering with Japanese online retailer Ebten for the products, and unfortunately it doesn't look like you'll be able to find them outside the manufacturer's own country. Each model is offered in "light," "standard," "high-spec," and "premium" configurations, all with 15.6-inch 1080p displays and up to Nvidia GeForce 650M graphics with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

There will only be 50 units available of the standard, high-spec, and premium models, and you'll be paying for the privilege whichever option you go for: prices range from 99,750 yen (about $1,077) at the low end to 194,250 yen ($2,098) at the high. We can't guarantee that these will run any eventual release of Shenmue 3, but for now they're probably the best way to keep the Sega faith.