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Rumored HTC One bears strong resemblance to competition in leaked photo

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HTC One buffered Unwired View
HTC One buffered Unwired View

All the signs (and even the company's jubilant CEO) suggest HTC is planning to unveil a new flagship smartphone very soon, likely at next week's press event. Today we're getting another look at the supposed hardware courtesy of @evleaks — an established source when it comes to leaked gadget imagery. Unsurprisingly, the device in question is identical to the "M7" we've seen previously, though Unwired View seems fairly confident the phone will be branded the HTC One in the US.

If you thought HTC's latest handset resembled the iPhone 5 or BlackBerry's Z10 before, you've got an even stronger argument now. Whereas the original leak depicted the HTC One in white, this latest photo suggests HTC will also offer the One in a slate / black hue. The new, rather drastic overhaul of Sense is also on full display, lending further credence to screenshots that surfaced last month. Thankfully you shouldn't need to wait much longer for the full story on HTC's new hardware; as the manufacturer has made sure to remind us, its press event is just days away.