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Another photo of PlayStation 4 'prototype' controller surfaces ahead of Sony event

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PlayStation 4 controller
PlayStation 4 controller

It was only yesterday that Destructoid gave the world its first glimpse at a purported controller for Sony's next-gen PlayStation console. Since then, other publications including IGN and Kotaku have confirmed the image as legitimate while being careful to emphasize we're likely seeing a prototype design that could differ substantially with what Sony is expected to unveil next week. Yet the same controller has turned up in a second photo, this time from another angle. Thankfully the handles appear a fair bit longer here than in the original shot, and you're again able to make out those concave analog sticks, an LED strip at the top, and what looks to be an LCD or some type of touchpad at the controller's center.

New in this shot, however, is what appears to be a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack situated at the bottom. We can only presume that's intended for a voice chat accessory. Additionally, Sony seems to have separated the start and select buttons to a wide degree; they're faintly visible next to the directional pad and triangle button, respectively. Unfortunately the sourcing for this particular photo is a bit shaky. It's been posted to a few gaming forums so far, but it's unclear where exactly this picture first originated. We've put it through some tests and see no clear signs of doctoring or Photoshop deception. We're no closer to knowing if this is the same hardware consumers will find packed in with the inevitable PlayStation 4, but the answer should be clear come next Wednesday.