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Ubuntu Developer Preview for Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus arrives February 21st

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ubuntu phone
ubuntu phone

As was promised, enthusiasts and developers will be able to flash Ubuntu onto their Galaxy Nexus' before the end of the month. Canonical has announced that the Developer Preview of the new operating system will be released on February 21st. The surprise, however, is that the company has added support for the Nexus 4, and users with the latest Nexus phone will be able to download and flash Ubuntu onto their devices on the 21st as well. Additionally, the source code for the operating system and the tools needed to flash phones will come out on that date.

We used the mobile version of Ubuntu on a Galaxy Nexus last month when it was first announced, and we found the gesture-heavy operating system attractive and unique — if a bit sluggish. The first phone designed for Ubuntu will come out this October, but Canonical is making sure to get the operating system into developers' hands early to secure as many apps as possible before that date.