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Cupertino secrecy and the myth of fake Apple products

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Despite an increasing number of leaks in recent years, no company in technology is better known for its secretive ways than Apple. Ars Technica takes a look at one of the more extreme claims — that the company assigns employees to fake projects in order to keep things quiet — and how it may actually not be true at all. Jacqui Cheng spoke with several current and former Apple employees, none of which had heard of the practice truly happening; instead, they pointed to the company's rather healthy use of non-disclosure agreements as the favored way to keep potential leakers in line. Inside Apple author Adam Lashinsky also weighs in, clarifying the comments he'd made that likely set the whole myth in motion in the first place (of course, Apple hasn't been shy about adding fake codenames to iOS beta releases to throw off the inquisitive). If you're curious about the inner workings of Apple, and the lengths the company actually will go, you'll definitely want to give the article a read.