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Sudden death of American engineer in Singapore raises questions

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shane todd
shane todd

Shane Todd's girlfriend found him hanging in his Singaporean apartment six months ago, a sudden tragedy that local police deemed a suicide. But six months later, Todd's girlfriend, family and the FBI are still wondering what exactly happened. Todd had just put in his last day as an employee of IME, a Singaporean government research institute, where he had been working on a high-powered amplifier with commercial and "huge" military uses. The amplifier was being co-developed with the Chinese telecom giant Huawei. Todd's parents say their son was increasingly uncomfortable at his job and "said there were things he had done that could get him in trouble with the US government." The Singaporean investigation is still ongoing. But after analyzing Todd's backup hard drive and commissioning a review of the autopsy report, Todd's family now believes he was murdered. Suspicious clues include suicide notes that praised the employer he allegedly hated, bruises on his hands, and evidence that his hard drive had been accessed after his death. There's nothing conclusive in the Financial Times's deep investigation, but it's a strange story that raises some very scary questions.