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Fireball streaks across California skies: three shooting stars in one day

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california meteor 640
california meteor 640

Today, a giant meteor exploded over Russia, and a record-breaking asteroid shot past the earth. Tonight, it appears that a third celestial body decided to give the Earth a wave: At around 7:45PM PT tonight, a fireball appeared over California.

NBC Bay Area reporter Jodi Hernandez first brought the meteor to media attention, but what was first assumed to be a San Francisco Bay Area phenomenon may have spread much further. The American Meteor Society, which has already collected over 25 sightings from around 7:45PM PT, shows reports as far south as Hanford and Visalia, and as far east as Stockton.

In fact, Blink-182's Mark Hoppus claims he saw a fireball in the sky over Los Angeles while driving home from rehearsals, though it could be a coincidence.

Reports differ on the color of the fireball, with reports of blue, green, and even yellow light as the shooting star fell to earth, and pictures haven't surfaced yet, but we do have this one video from a camera mounted on the dash of a car driving through San Francisco:

A meteor like this isn't necessarily anything out of the ordinary — here's a report about a very similar-sounding shooting star from October of last year — but after an explosive event in Russia today, it's no surprise that people are watching the skies more closely.