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Newtown residents opening non-profit Sandy Hook Arcade Center

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sandy hook arcade
sandy hook arcade

Arcades may be disappearing across the country, but In the aftermath of last December's horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown residents have come together in support of a new arcade for the community. It's hoped that the arcade will help the town heal; co-founders and longtime Newtown residents Andrew Clure and Scott Cicciari tell Polygon they set up the center to "promote one of the core values in Newtown — family."

The Sandy Hook Arcade Center will feature video games alongside traditional favorites like pinball and air hockey. It's been funded so far by the community, local businesses, and also from donors across the country that contributed via the arcade's website. The center is being run as a non-profit, and Newtown locals won't have to pay to enter, but it's hoped that admission fees from non-residents and donations will keep the arcade running. It'll be open to the public for five days a week, starting today at 1PM ET.