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Diplo, Skrillex, and A-Trak launching new YouTube music channel 'Potato'

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potato tv
potato tv

Three of the biggest names in electronic music are launching a new YouTube channel called Potato on February 18th. To create the channel, Diplo, Skrillex, and A-Trak have paired up with IconicTV, which runs other YouTube stations including Jay-Z's Life and Times. In a statement announcing the channel, its creators say they wanted to develop a music outlet that emulates the early days of MTV.

The Potato launch trailer shows some of the original programming set to debut on the channel, many of which feature prominent figures in the music industry. There's Listen Up! with Mixmag editor Ralph Moore; what looks to be a video version of DJ Cosmo Baker's Cosmos's Crates column over at Fool's Gold; and the promise of exclusive video premieres, track premieres, and DJ mixes. The channel will launch this Monday at 4PM EST over at and