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Remix Tanlines' 'Not the Same' video with a retro, Photoshop-styled interface

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Tanlines interactive video
Tanlines interactive video

The band Tanlines are known for their creative video presentations — last year, the band used the Kickstarter-backed GoPano 360-degree iPhone lens to shoot the video for "Brothers," while the "Not the Same" video amassed a small, digitally-created army of bandmembers Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm to fill out the two-piece group's sound. Now, thanks to a collaboration with OKFocus and the Creator's Project, viewers can "remix" the "Not the Same" video live using some delightfully retro, Photoshop-styled controls. Viewers can use a palette to turn on and off the vocals and various instruments, which also removes or adds the bandmembers performing each specific part. If you've ever wanted to hear the song with just vocals and the string accompaniment, now's your chance.

The tiny performers can also be resized (to any bizarre aspect ratio you chose) and moved around the scene, and the backgrounds can be toggled with another palette — options include artwork from GIF-sharing chatroom, photos taken from the Instagram hashtag #notthesame, 360-degree views from inside the White House or Stonehenge, and a live camera of the Williamsburg bridge. It's a pretty clever extension of the original "Not the Same" video and is just another example of how Tanlines likes to push the envelope with its video presentations. For more on how this project came together, check out this video with OKFocus from the Creator's Project, or watch the original video for "Not the Same" before giving the interactive version a spin.

Disclosure: Tanlines member Eric Emm is editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky's brother.