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Kim Dotcom teases new 'secure' and private Mega email, chat, voice, and video services

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Mega frontpage
Mega frontpage

As part of a (brief) rant on Twitter today about the dangers of using web services that are based in the United States, Mega founder Kim Dotcom said the service will expand "in the coming years" beyond cloud storage to offer secure email, web chat, voice, video, and "mobile" (emphasis his) products. Naturally, no details have been offered beyond the single tweet teasing the new features, but from a series of messages on Twitter it's clear that the focus is on privacy. The tease came after Dotcom advised his followers not to use US-based web services, like Gmail, Skype, and iCloud, claiming that they have to "provide (by law) secret & untraceable NSA backdoors to all your data." The expanded web services would most certainly be based in New Zealand, as Mega is currently, and Dotcom called the country "a safe haven for companies competing with insecure US providers."

Such an expansion would mean much work lies ahead for the Mega team: Mega has already pledged to address security concerns in its current product, and Dotcom previously gave a quick peek at a new film service, MegaMovie, which is presumably in the works. Beyond Dotcom's tease today, he also revealed that users can now pay for Mega's pro tiers using Bitcoin through official reseller Bitvoucher, allowing customers to pay while avoiding the potential privacy concerns of using a service like PayPal.