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GIF-graffiti artist Insa on creating real-world works just for the internet

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insa newcastle

Insa is a UK graffiti artist who's gained some notoriety for his technique of creating GIFs by photographing shifting murals — his work with Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood is a notable example of late. In a two-part interview with Adobe's Photoshop blog, he discusses his creative process, inspirations, and the incredible difficulty involved in producing the GIF-iti works. It took three days to paint a building four times for the work you see in the video and GIF below, for example.

While the work is physically carried out in the real world, Insa creates art that can only be viewed online. The plan now is to experiment with augmented reality so that people can "experience the work firsthand through different viewing platforms."

"I realized I was viewing more paintings online than in real life, the majority of art I was accessing was on the internet. Whether that was street art from around the world, or exhibition openings on blogs, and it disheartened me a little, because although it was great to be able to see so much work, I realized this was never the way the artist would have intended for their work to be seen. So I thought an interesting way to play with this idea was to create art specifically to be viewed online: to the point that you could not actually see it in reality. So, in fact, the internet becomes the best viewing platform for the work."