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Amazon fires security firm accused of mistreating workers

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amazon box stock 1020
amazon box stock 1020

After opening an investigation into allegations that a security firm with ties to neo-nazism was harassing temporary workers in its German warehouses, Amazon has severed all ties between the two companies. Amazon says its relationship with Hensel European Security Services has been terminated "with immediate effect." A spokesperson for Amazon Germany told the Associated Press the company has a "zero tolerance limit for discrimination and intimidation," adding that it "expects the same of other companies it works with."

Amazon's investigation was sparked by a German TV documentary that showed the mistreatment of temporary workers at one of Amazon's warehouses. Among the complaints were claims that some employees were forced to work for as many as 15 consecutive days without being properly compensated for their overtime. The show also aired footage linking security officers with the German far-right neo-Nazi movement.