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Restoring the DeLorean time machine to its original glory

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delorean time machine
delorean time machine

After more than a year of development, the original DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future has been fully restored, and is now on display at Universal Studios in Hollywood. This week's announcement marks the culmination of the Time Machine Restoration project, which has been closely tracking the restoration's progress on its Facebook page. The so-called "Hero A" car is actually one of three models used during filming, and was used predominantly for shots with the actors themselves (models B and C were used for stunts and close interior shots, respectively). The restored car's front flux bands have been replaced, but its caretakers say they were able to use mostly original materials, since the DeLorean will be used only for display, rather than actual driving.

"When you're building a replica, you can decide how forgiving you want to be," project leader Joe Walser told "But to do it right, to truly nail it... to hold every piece to the highest level of accuracy achievable — well, that's the real trick, and it took the best team in the world an incredible amount of time and effort to pull it off. It simply had to be what it was — a labor of love.”