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Watch Beck's lush cover of David Bowie's 'Sound and Vision' with 360-degree interactive cameras

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Beck's rich adaptation of David Bowie song "Sound and Vision" is impressive on its own, but in keeping with other artists who have made interactive visuals for their music, he's teamed up with music video director Chris Milk to offer a new look at its live performance last week. "Hello, Again" gives users limited control over three cameras panning around the stage, matching each with a different microphone so you can hear and see from the viewpoint of the audience or the stage itself. Enabling your webcam with it will also let the cameras follow your head, turning along with your field of vision. If you give it a go, be patient: both the standard and high-definition versions take some time to load, and for now, it's only viewable on desktop. For a closer look at how the technology works, you can also check out Wired's writeup.