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'Minecraft' creator Notch receives one of the first Oculus Rift developer kits

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Oculus Rift at CES Trailer
Oculus Rift at CES Trailer

While the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset may have faced the all-too-common delays associated with many Kickstarter projects, it appears that everything is now full steam ahead. Earlier this month, Oculus VR posted a blog detailing the manufacturing process behind the "pilot round" of 40 developer kits that were scheduled to ship by the end of March, and now we're hearing that headsets are beginning to make their way to Kickstarter backers. As reported by Road to VR, famed developer Markus Persson (perhaps better known as Notch, the man behind Minecraft) received his kit — and promptly had a photo of himself and Jens Bergensten (another Mojang employee) posing with their headsets posted to Twitter by a third employee.

Unfortunately, Mojang had agreed not to release details of the headset, prompting an apology from Persson on Twitter; however, the image had already been saved and widely distributed by a Reddit user. We already knew that Persson was an Oculus Rift fan who planned to implement support in Minecraft and the upcoming 0x10c, but now we have confirmation that Oculus has sent out at least a few of those "pilot round" developer kits. The rest of those who pre-ordered the device during the Kickstarter campaign should hopefully have a shiny new headset before long.