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Anti-piracy groups want Google to allow even more takedown requests per day

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google android search
google android search

Google's takedown system for Search — which lets entities submit requests to remove URLs with copyright-infringing material — has come under fire by anti-piracy groups who say they want to remove more than the system allows. Last week, Dutch organization BREIN told that it hopes Google will raise its current 10,000-URL limit on how many links a group can request each day. "We expect to go to a limit of 40,000 URLs per day soon, and eventually we hope to be able to report URLs without any limitations," said director Tim Kuik (translation courtesy of TorrentFreak.)

The RIAA has made similar past statements, claiming that "Google has the resources to allow take downs that would more meaningfully address the piracy problem it recognizes... Yet this limitation remains despite requests to remove it" and saying that it's also limited to a "minuscule" number of daily queries. Despite this, the number of total takedown requests has skyrocketed: in December, Google reported that it received 2.5 million removal requests a week, ten times the number six months earlier.

The RIAA has accused Google of setting "minuscule" limits for takedown queries

Google spokesman Mark Jansen has told that the daily limit is in place to prevent unexpected peaks or technical problems, making it sound like BREIN's hope is unlikely to be realized. Nonetheless, we've reached out for confirmation and will update with any response.