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Jeep's Twitter account the latest to fall victim to hackers

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Jeep Twitter hack
Jeep Twitter hack

Just a day after Burger King's Twitter account fell victim to hackers, it appears the same group has similarly dismantled Jeep's official Twitter account. The page now says that Jeep was purchased by Cadillac, much like Burger King's page said the company had been purchased by McDonalds. The "content" of the tweets being posted is largely the same, as well. It's the latest black eye for Twitter, a service that has grown significantly in popularity as it has positioned itself as an ideal social network for brands to reach out and directly communicate with interested consumers. The service's lack of security could throw a major wrench into things going forward — while getting hacked may be an unfortunate risk of being online, brands that spend money on maintaining a Twitter presence are certainly right to question why the company isn't taking security more seriously.