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Firefox finally gets in-browser PDF viewer with latest browser update

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Firefox New Logo crop
Firefox New Logo crop

Firefox has finally gained a built-in PDF viewer, after Mozilla today updated the stable build of its popular web browser with the new feature. The rollout comes after the company's PDF viewer — which utilizes HTML5 and JavaScript rather than requiring users to install a standalone plugin — was previewed in beta form last week. "Not only do most PDFs load and render quickly, they run securely and have an interface that feels at home in the browser," the company wrote on its blog today. Official in-browser support for PDFs has been a long time coming; though it was just added to Firefox's feature set, competing browsers Chrome and Apple's Safari have been supporting the file type for years now. Nonetheless, if you're tired of relying on third-party solutions to display PDF content, you can download the latest version of Firefox below.