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David Cross feature film 'It's a Disaster' launching on Vine this afternoon

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Oscilloscope Labs, the independent film company founded by now-deceased Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, will release one of its films in 6-second pieces on Vine this afternoon. At around 4:30pm EST the company will start uploading segments from It's A Disaster, a generally well-received piece that's not set to be officially released online until March 5th, to its Twitter feed. We're not sure the entire movie will be posted — and since it'll need to be filmed secondhand from a phone, quality won't be great — but this is being touted as a "feature film release," so we're optimistic.

In a tongue-in-cheek press release, Oscilloscope's Bruce Farnsworth said that "From the moment it launched just three short weeks ago, it was so clear to us that six-second loops of video, edited in-phone, and posted in real time was and will be the future of film distribution." We could end up seeing straightforward clips from It's A Disaster, which stars Julia Stiles and Arrested Development's David Cross as a couple caught in an apocalyptic attack during a brunch with friends, but Vine's editing features could make for some interesting remixes. While likely a far cry from the weird, tiny Vine movies of Adam Goldberg, it's an enjoyable experiment in its own right.