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Is 'PlayStation Cloud' the name of Sony's new streaming games service?

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playstation 2 logo
playstation 2 logo

We've seen quite a bit of information leak about what Sony has in store for its PlayStation event tomorrow, and a set of recent domain name registrations indicate that a service called "PlayStation Cloud" may also be in the cards. As spotted by Twitter user Superannuation,,, and were all registered on February 15th, with none other than Gaikai serving as the administrative contact (Sony bought the cloud-based gaming company last June).

Additional digging reveals that Gaikai appears to have registered a number of other related domains on the 15th, including .org, .co, and .mobi variants of the above web addresses as well as playstationcloud and pscloud. The new domains join, which Sony itself registered back in 2009; is registered to a different entity.

While the various registrations aren't proof of anything unto themselves, it seems clear that Sony-owned Gaikai is filling any remaining cracks in securing a web presence for PlayStation Cloud. Whether that service will appear tomorrow — and what features it will offer if it does — still remains to be seen. Sony's PlayStation event starts at 6PM ET, and we'll be bringing you the latest news as it happens.