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Apple and Facebook hacks traced to mobile development site, says AllThingsD

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Apple Retina MacBook Pro 15 STOCK

AllThingsD is reporting that the culprit behind high-profile hacks targeting Apple and Facebook is "likely" a website called iPhoneDevSDK. The site, which is a hub for iOS and mobile development discussion, was reportedly injected with malicious code according to the report. Employees at Facebook apparently visited the iPhoneDevSDK website in recent weeks, just prior to a hack that the social network made public last Friday. AllThingsD suspects the same developer resource is responsible for an intrusion that comprised "a limited number" of Apple's internal computers. An exploit affecting Oracle's Java plugin served as a gateway for attackers in both instances. A discussion thread at MacRumors suggests that iPhoneDevSDK has encountered malware issues numerous times.

Warning: The Verge encourages readers to avoid visiting iPhonedevSdk at this time due to security concerns.